Company name:
Lake Area Painting & Decorating, Inc.  Jobs (Visit website)
City & State: Mahtomedi , MN
Industry type: Specialty Contractors
Company Description:  
L.A.P.D. started in the late 40's or early 50's (exact date unknown). It has always been a family-based business. James Keenan Sr. and his father-in-law, Hank Lessard, ran the business together for a few years until Hank decided to investigate other business ideas. Jim enjoyed painting and working with people to make their homes something special. Therefore, Jim held onto the business. Jim and his wife, Dorothy, were blessed with seven children. Five of these children were boys. (Aha! Now we have a labor force.) L.A.P.D.s average labor force was about five men in the summer and two to three men in the winter. Jim's brothers-in-law Tom Lessard Sr. and Don Lessard, both worked at L.A.P.D. for around 20 years. Jim and Dorothy's boys had 16 years separating them and they all started working full time in the summer after they turned 13. By the time they graduated from Mahtomedi High School, these boys knew how to work! They also knew how to paint and hang wallpaper. They also decided if painting was for them. The oldest son (Mike) and the youngest two (James Jr. "Corky" and Don) all decided to paint. Pat, Tim and Mike all finished college. Don finished high school in 1981 and Jim Sr. died in February of 1982. So begins another chapter of L.A.P.D.

A partnership-Mike, Jim and Don? Times were tough. James Keenan Sr. left behind a good business with great customers and no assets or liabilities. By 1984 we incurred about $ 80,000.00 of debt, we had up to 20 people on staff, and we were in trouble. We eventually figured out how to run our business. We became a Minnesota Corporation in 1984. We paid off our debt by working day and night 7 days a week. By 1987 we were in the black. Mike and Don had chosen other lines of work, and Jim Jr. and his wife, Linda, were at the helm.

Jim started working summers, full time for his father at the age of 13. During his junior and senior years at Mahtomedi High School Jim was a participant in a on-the-job training program for five hours per day. Upon graduation in 1979 Jim married his high school sweetheart of four years, Linda Warren, and went to work full time for his father. Jim received his business education through the school of Hard Knocks between 1979 and 1987.

Jim and Linda have worked hard for 20 years to create a special business, a place where Employees want to work, a place where we Take The Time to do quality work. Our employees are proud of the work they do and they know we are supplying to our customers a Superior Job and Service.

Due to our efforts, we have also succeeded in finding customers who truly care about their homes. They know the value of looks today along with durability tomorrow and for many years to come.
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