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Bradenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA)  Jobs (Visit website)
City & State: Bradenton , FL
Industry type: Real Estate Developers- Managers
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The Bradenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is an independent special taxing district created by a special Legislative Act in 1974. This law shall expire on December 31,2020. The Authority may design, develop and fund Renewal Projects identified in the Plan that may include undertakings and activities of the authority in a renewal area for the elimination and for the prevention of the development or spread of slums and blight, and may involve slum clearance and redevelopment in a renewal area or rehabilitation or conservation in a renewal area.

The DDA serves as a business advocate between the public sector and the private sector. This partnership between government and business has been the catalyst for successful, well-planned growth and development in the downtown area. From providing direction and local information on site selection, space availability, key contact people, permitting process to zoning, the DDA is there to assist. Helping the small retail store locate downtown to the developers changing the skyline of our City, the DDAs mission is to aid and promote.

On May 1980 the Bradenton City Council designated via City Ordinance No. 2219, the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority as the Community Redevelopment Agency, subject to the following restrictions:

* Any agreement to fund a grant or request for funds or approval of any capital project by the DDA acting as the DDA/CRA may be rescinded within thirty (30) days of a three/fifths (3/5) vote of the City Council. The Mayor may veto any rescinding action of the City Council. This veto, however, may be overridden by a four/fifths (4/5) vote of the City Council.
* No action taken by the DDA/CRA shall be considered final nor shall any party have any right to rely on such act or acts or grants until the period of time for the rescinding action by the City Council has passed or until the City Council has firmly expressed its approval of the action of the DDA/CRA.
* The annual budget of the DDA/CRA shall not be considered final until approved by the City Council or until thirty (30) days has elapsed form the period of time said budget is passed and adopted by the DDA Board members.

The affairs of the Authority, when created, shall be under the direct supervision and control of the board of eight (8) members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council of the City of Bradenton, to serve for a four year term Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the unexpired term only. .

Section #6 of the Florida State Statute Related Laws, page RL:8 identifies the Powers and Duties of a DDA Board member and Section #7, page RL:9, addresses the Powers of the Authority.
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