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* How can I hide my job search from my construction employer?

* How can I explain to my interviewer that I got fired?

* What NOT to wear on a job interview.

* Can I bring someone with me to an interview?

* Can a construction employer accept me even if I'm intoxicated?

* How much time do I have to make a first impression?

* How early should I arrive for an interview?

* How should I dress for in interview?

* Can I ask questions in an interview?

* What is appropriate body language in an interview?

* How do I prepare for a job fair?

* What are questions I should ask a staffing agency?

* Should I write a thank-you letter after an interview?

* What are key points to writing a thank-you letter?

* Where are the most opportunities I can find for food service jobs?

* What construction industry has the greatest demand for bilingual staff?

* When I am told that I would hear from the construction employer 4 days after my interview, then after 10 days I haven't heard from them. Is that normal?

* If I do not hear from a construction employer after the promised day of feedback from an interview, what should I do?

* What should I do if I am asked to make a contract form to hire me by the construction employer that wants to hire me?

* Is there truly more jobs in the cites than in the suburbs?

* When does the interview start?

* Why construction employers are taking longer in making hiring decisions?

* How often does discriminatory questions get asked unintentionally?

* Can I sue a construction employer if I think they practice discrimination in their employment process?

* What do I do about my criminal record in the construction resume?

* What level of clothes do I wear to the interview?/How formal should I wear to the interview?

* When looking for a job, do I look for a high paying job even if I do not like to do that kind of work?

* What are some things I should look out for when making my construction resume?

* What is job analysis?

* What is job evaluation?

* What is compensation?

* What are some questions I may be asked in the interview?

* What is the meaning of “Equal Employment Opportunity ”?

* When the HR thinks I am under qualified, how should I prepare myself for his questions?

* What leadership qualities do construction employers look for in an executive?

* I have been looking for an executive level position for about 3 months. Should I take off the holiday season and continue after the first of the year? I have heard that this is a bad time for both construction employers as well as jobseekers?

* Should executive resumes be different than professional level resumes?

* What tips can you offer executives when dressing for success for an interview?

* When job hunting, how should I handle problems with references, credit or a criminal background?

* What is the best strategy for preparing for an interview?

* What is behavioral interviewing?

* Why should construction executive job seekers prepare a list of questions for an interview?

* What to do after an offer is given to someone else?

* I have not interviewed or job searched in over 10 years. When I accepted the job offer with my present construction employer, I was 3 classes away from completing a bachelor’s program. I alluded to this on my resume but actually never finished the program. I am now in the process of being promoted to a position that requires an advanced degree. I am not sure as to what I should do- continue with the lie, risk being fired, get passed over for the promotion or come clean.

* In a recent interview, I was asked some questions about my marital status and family life. I realize that this is inappropriate as well as illegal. I got around the questions but want to get some advise on this in the future

* Is it appropriate to contact the construction employer after a week or so if you haven't heard anything, especially if you were one of the top contenders for the position?

* How can I get around a large gap in my employment history on my resume? I took some time off to take care of my elderly parents but do not want this to reflect poorly in the eyes of a future construction employer.

* How do I find financial information about a construction employer that I am interviewing with?

* What is the proper manner in which to respond to the question, what salary are looking for?

* Because of disappointments with my last construction employer, I left the construction employer. How do I explain this to an interviewer without making it sound bad?

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