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* How do I avoid legal problems when giving construction executive evaluations?

* What to do when an construction executive is consistently late for work?

* We recently had an construction executive who was asked to carry out a task. He refused and was fired. He now claims that the task was dangerous and hazardous to his being. Who is right?

* I am a manager of a fairly large firm. I am looking for some ways in order to improve my own management style and performance. Can you help?

* What can I tell a construction employer that calls for a reference on an construction executive that I just terminated?

* What has changed about compensation and pay offers to executives in the last year?

* Do I have to answer questions from the executive in a quick meeting?

* What should I do when they ask if they can call after the meeting?

* How necessary are psychological tests or assessment tests to a new hire?

* What should I look for in an executive when evaluating their leadership ability?

* Can Executive Coaching be used as a good bonus alternative?

* What questions should an construction employer avoid asking in an interview?

* What is considered appropriate dress code for an interview at a job site?

* How important are Background Checks and Reference Checks?

* What if the interview goes too long? How do I stop it?

* What is a good tip for job seekers when looking for a job during the holidays?

* What is the best way to promote someone when the office has several good executives?

* Can an employer rescind a job offer once it has been accepted?

* What if I accept an offer and then change my mind?

* What if the executive is too dominant and wants to lead the interview?

* How Can You Improve Company Morale In Hard Economic Times?

* What Are Some Executive Management Tips?

* Are Stock-Option Awards Still a Smart Idea?

* What Are Some Management Succession Planning tips for contractors?

* How Can I Get The Best Performance From Execs?

* What Are Some Executive Retention Tips?

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