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* Should a construction employer reward its' top performers on a performance pay basis?

* You’ve recently closed a construction executive job seeker who has accepted your offer of employment and will start in three weeks. During his resignation his current construction employer made him a tempting counteroffer. The construction executive job seeker has called you today to say that he is confused and leaning toward staying with his current construction employer. How do you respond?

* What are the best incentives to offer executives for higher performance?

* You've found the ideal construction executive job seeker! The bad news is that after showing him your non-compete agreement on his first day, he feels blindsided and is refusing to sign. He's upset and you're about to lose a great construction executive job seeker. What do you do?

* When laying off personnel, who should be cut first?

* What is the best way to negotiate salary?

* What can we do to get the most from our construction executive referral program?

* What is the average pay increase in an offer for hire to an employed executive?

* Where can I go for salary information in the A/E/C industry?

* What are the best two incentives to attract top talent?

* HireRight recently came out with some valuable tips to improve your construction employer’s pre-employment screening processes.

* I am a recruiter and I have a "great" construction executive job seeker for a position. However, I can’t get this person to tell me what his salary expectations are based on his history.

* As a hiring manager, I often take out construction executive job seekers for lunch during the 2nd interview stage. I have a very promising construction executive job seeker for a CEO position. Everyone in the division is excited about this person and want to know when she will take office. However, during the interview, she ordered a glass of wine. I am a little concerned with her judgment for two reasons. First, the construction employer was paying for the lunch. Two, the interview took place during working hours and the construction executive job seeker did have to return to her office immediately following.

* I interviewed an outstanding fit for a hard to fill position. But, when the applicant came in he was poorly dressed, unfocused and seemed completely out of it. I cut the interview off rather short and was not sure if I should reschedule another interview or rule this person out completely.

* My boss asked me to interview a construction executive job seeker, which he felt was a perfect fit for our organization. During my interview, I could not help but to think that this person is lying about his prior accomplishments.

* My construction employer’s policy is to run a background check on all new construction executives. One construction executive job seeker has disclosed that he has a criminal record about 8 or 9 years prior. We made the offer and he has accepted. I am now finding out that he was convicted of assault. What can I ask him about this and can the offer be rescinded based on this information?

* Can I call someone whose resume I received from a recruiter last year?

* I am in the process of revamping our reference checking procedures in the HR dept. Do we need consent from the prospective construction executive and what kind of questions are illegal?

* What do I do when someone sends me his or her picture with a resume ?

* What if an construction employer knows immediately that the executive is not right for the job? How can he or she get out of the meeting?

* As part of the interviewing process, can I require construction executive job seekers to take a psychological test for executive level positions?

* What is the best way to interview executives when hiring for a job?

* While interviewing a construction executive job seeker, I discovered that his spouse works for our competition. While he is the best construction executive job seeker for this position, I am wondering if there will be a conflict of interest. Can I consider this when making my decision?

* Is interviewing in person best done in a group or individual setting?

* What is the best method to use when checking references?

* What is the best way to screen resumes?

* What is the best tip on hiring

* Should I expect more detail than a single page from a resume?

* Should I judge someone wrongly if they are not dressed well for an interview?

* What is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

* How can construction employers recognize construction executive job seekers who may accept counteroffers?

* What questions should I expect from an executive

* Is preferential hiring ever acceptable

* What are some tips to consider when selecting an executive?

* What typically occurs during a second interview?

* Tips to help locate inaccuracies and improve the efficiency of your resume screening process.

* Know how to identify emerging construction executives?

* My construction employer has a male construction executive whose wife just delivered triplets. He has asked for 12 weeks leave under the FMLA. Do we have to grant this request?

* An construction executive forwarded to me an email joke that was sent to several of his co-workers by another. The joke was not grossly offensive but it could have been interpreted differently. The construction executive was concerned and apprehensive about receiving this email. What can I do?

* Can you give me the correct definition of sexual harassment? I have had several construction executives ask me to define it specifically.

* What do most construction employers do to provide team building?

* I have a construction executive who is currently out on FMLA leave and have heard that he is really not ill. Can I make him provide documentation and is it too late?

* When is the best time to tell construction executives about a new position when it involves bringing talent in from outside the construction employer?

* What do most construction employers do to provide team building?

* What is one of the best perks a firm can offer its construction executives?

* Is it wrong to show favoritism with construction executives?

* I have observed that a co-worker has trouble comprehending tasks and performing basic job duties, and furthermore rejects criticism and denies that he has any problems. I may be the manager over our group within the next month. How can I gradually start to improve this situation now, without being authoritative?

* How can construction employers use construction executive compensation to increase productivity?

* What is the greatest challenge construction employers face with their human resources?

* Many construction executives believe the opportunity to telecommute is an attractive incentive that does not raise costs for an construction employer?

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