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* Where should I get help if I think I am a victim of discrimination?

* Can I expense my kids expenses?

* How do I quickly spot an employee that's lying?

* What is appropriate business casual attire for summer?

* Can video or computer play help reduce stress at work?

* I would like to avoid the office rumor mill, but people always try roping me into gossipy conversations. How should I handle this?

* I'm a loyal employee and a hard worker, but my construction employer plays favorites and always gives the plum assignments to a particular co-worker. What can I do?

* One of my colleagues seems like she's out to get me. Whenever possible, she does something to make me look bad. How should I respond?

* Should an construction employer buy equipment for a telecommuting staff?

* How can I resolve a conflict between two employees?

* What is the purpose of Employee Orientation?

* Why Employee Orientation programs fail?

* Can you help me with some game ideas to make our Employee Orientation program more fun?

* How do I improve the attitude of an employee that is doing mediocre but I think he has more potential?

* How do I kill the “worker” attitude?

* Is working through lunch a good idea?

* I was in an accident and got disabled, should I ask for job modification?

* Is there state laws regarding discriminations against sexual orientation?

* How many people with criminal records are in the working group today?

* What is negligent hiring and who can be held responsible?

* How important are Employee Reviews?

* As an hiring executive, can you give me some ideas and suggestion that may help in hiring construction executives with leadership potential?

* What is the best way to reward leaders to assure long-term retention?

* What is the most important difference between average and outstanding performers?

* Is it too late to deal with a charge of sexual harrasement if someone does not let you know about it until their exit interview when they leave the company?

* An construction executive gave us notice of his resignation four weeks ago. His last day of work is supposed to be this Friday. However, now he says he does not want to quit and he is rescinding his resignation. Do we have to allow him to continue working here?

* Can I fire a pregnant construction executive for poor attendance if her absences are related to her pregnancy?

* What should I do with a written resignation letter?

* I just received notice that an construction executive will be on a jury panel for 12 weeks. She plays a key role in the construction employer and we cannot afford to have this position vacated for this amount of time. Can we replace her?

* When should I schedule the "resignation" meeting in which I would like to present a counter?

* What are grounds for dismissal?

* What grounds does the construction employer have regarding termination?

* Due to gross misconduct, I had to let one of my construction executives go. I need to address his co-workers but need some advise on what to say and how to present this to them.

* When is the best time to terminate someone?

* My construction employer recently had to terminate an construction executive. I am curious as to how we can protect ourselves from future lawsuits from disgruntled construction executives?

* Is severance pay typically offered to construction executives who are terminated or laid off?

* How do I fire someone without getting into trouble?

* Is severance pay a typical benefit in negotiating with new hires?

* How should I handle an construction executive who resigns that I want to keep?

* What is the best way to lay-off a good construction executive if I hope to hire them back when the economy & business improves?

* Are Exit Interviews essential and productive?

* Letting an construction executive go can be a difficult. Don’t make it harder than it has to be by not preparing for this inevitable task. Take a look at these guidelines to help ensure you’ll be ready for your next termination meeting.

* Do you have any tips on writing a resignation letter?

* What is the best way to fire someone?

* I have a salaried construction executive who is obviously exempt from the time clock, overtime etc. However, this person has been working very late nights and over the weekend. She is now requesting comp time for the extra hours. She recently also missed one day and according to our policies, she was docked for those 8 hours. Can you help?

* Our construction employer recently went through a cafeteria plan open enrollment. One construction executive requested for $15 to be deducted bi-weekly. After several pay periods went by, he discovered that $30 had been taken out. We checked the paperwork and he is correct. The construction employer is the plan administrator. The construction executive is requesting the monies be reimbursed to him immediately. What can we do?

* Do we have to offer COBRA coverage to an construction executive who is fired for stealing?

* I have an construction executive who is being divorced. I am not sure how the 401k funds are to be distributed and if there will be a penalty. Can you provide some insight?

* What is the typical bonus pay for the Construction industry?

* Please clear this up for me- Am I legally required to offer my construction executives sick time and vacation?

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