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* How much can I earn as a real estate broker?

* How much can I earn as a human resource?

* Do good looking people earn more?

* What degree holders in 2007 has the potential to earn more?

* Why do some construction employers fail to put a base construction salary range on the job posting?

* I am offered a job but I want a higher pay than the one offered, can ask for more?

* What about of amount of increase in my construction salary should it make it worth my while to change jobs?

* How do I know how much construction salary should be asking for in a construction employer?

* Can I ask for a raise when I realize I'm underpaid after a job search because most other companies are paying more for the work I'm doing?

* In the event of a rejection by your construction employer to increase your pay after you ask, do you resign or continue to stay on and be embarrassed each time you see your construction employer? I love my job but yet underpaid.

* I am highly qualified but unemployed for a job that may asks for my most recent construction salary which I am afraid may scare hiring construction managers away. What do I do?

* As an construction employer how do you verify the construction salary of an applicant without contacting the current construction employer?

* How deeply do companies research your construction salary history?

* How do I negotiate for the amount of construction salary from a marketing part-time job that involves going around town or calling up people?

* Is it legal for my interviewer to ask for my previous construction salary?

* If my interviewer has the idea that I am highly underpaid, how do I negotiate for a higher construction salary?

* I lied about my current construction salary on a phone interview and am scared of getting caught. What do I do when ask about it?

* How do I determine what a fair construction salary range for government consulting positions is in DC?

* Should I “always” negotiate for more construction salary even if you truly think the offer is fair?

* Is it appropriate to ask for a sign-on bonus?

* How do I know what is the job construction salary of my profession in another country?

* What the construction salary - range should be for a construction recruiter in the medical staffing construction industry?

* What is the construction salary outlook for a legal associate?

* What is the “Family Medical Leave Act”?

* What constitutes as being disabled?

* What are construction salary surveys?

* What are the data gathered in construction salary surveys?

* Where can I find construction salary surveys?

* When purchasing a survey, what do I look for in it?

* What do I need to do in participating in such a survey?

* I am getting ready to accept an offer with a construction employer whom I have wanted to work with for years. I am so excited about the new opportunity but am quite frankly, disappointed with the offer in hand. The hiring manager explained that at this time, they are unable to offer a higher base but may be able to work something out with benefits. Can you assist me with understanding, which benefits can be negotiated and what is reasonable to ask for?

* I have been promoted to a new position within the construction employer at which I am employed. At this time, they are unable to offer additional base salary. The HR Manager informed me that when my annual review period came due, after a performance appraisal I would be awarded additional income. My question is this- what is the standard pay raise in our economy today? I am afraid of asking for too much but would like to put this into my contract before accepting this new position. I am really excited about this opportunity and it would be a great asset to my career management goals.

* I have accepted an executive level position with a construction employer which is 3 states away from where I live. I did not negotiate a relocation package yet. I am meeting with the VP next week to discuss this as well as other issues. I have not relocated before and was wondering what advise you can give me as to my negotiating efforts.

* I really like my job and the construction employer that I work. But, I feel that I am underpaid and overworked for the job duties that I now handle. I applied, interviewed and now have an offer with a competitor. The offer does include a higher salary but I really don’t want to accept the position. I told my boss in order to get him to counter the offer- BUT he did not bite. What do I do?

* I would like to know when is the best time to begin severance discussions? I am a senior level executive who has been offered a very nice position. While I do not see myself leaving this firm before retirement- the possibility is always there.

* Can a construction employer withdraw an offer because you negotiated yourself out of the ballpark?

* I've been at my construction employer for a while and feel I'm being taken advantage of as far as salary. How do I ask for a raise?

* I know that lots of benefits like vacation, bonus, etc, are negotiable...but everywhere I interview, there's a 1 year wait time policy to participate in the 401k. I'm actually close to a promising offer. We haven't talked benefits yet. BUT this construction employer mandates minimum of one year to participate.

* After receiving a couple of job offers, I proposed a counter-offer to one of the construction employers. Initially, the counter-offer was met with mild agreement, but then a committee meeting was held and the offer was vehemently withdrawn. Did I go overboard?

* I am currently working with a recruiter who has successfully got me to the next level with a perspective construction employer. My question is - Who negotiates salary? Can I negotiate on my own behalf or does the recruiter handle that?

* I would like to respond to a job listing that reads, "Salary $140-$200 OTE with significant upside." What does the "OTE" mean?

* I saw an online advertisement for a position to which I would like to apply. The ad stated that salary requirements should be included. If I do not provide this information I am afraid of being overlooked. However, I am uncomfortable with revealing this information so prelim in the game. Any advise?

* How often is it appropriate to ask for a salary increase?

* Should I stay or leave my construction employer to get the most pay out of my career?

* How often are stock options offered as part of a job offer for executives?

* What should I do if construction employers are telling me that my salary expectations are too high for the marketplace?

* Can I win in a salary negotiation with my boss and not sacrifice our relationship?

* What should I do if my construction employer wants me to take a pay cut to help the construction employer survive during troubled times?

* Do most executives negotiate their pay packages themselves or turn the job over to lawyers and agents?

* When I interview and the talk turns to money - after I have already delayed talking about salary until the interview - I get tongue-tied when I state my range and the interviewer says or implies my price is a bit more than the job's budget. What can I say?

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